Phase Reconstruction from Spectrograms

This page contains software and info reconstructing signals from spectrograms.

Single Pass Spectrogram Inversion

This is a companion page for the paper:
Beauregard, G., Harish, M. and Wyse, L. (2015), Single Pass Spectrogram Inversion, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Digital Signal Processing. Singapore, 2015.

Here is an SPSI Python notebook at GitHub.

And here is a MATLAB implmentation

The slides for our DSP15 presentation.

Sound samples from the DSP15 paper

Paper Reference
(and original signal)
G&L 1 iter. G&L 10 iter. SPSI SPSI+G&L 1 SPSI+G&L 10
Male Speaker

Music #1

Music #2

Female Speaker

Here is a real-time SPSI demo which runs in the web browser and allows you to use your own mp3 files. The demo also supports time-scale modification, accomplished by varying the analysis step size during analysis.

Related Work

Then there is this amazing toolbox:
Zdeněk Průša, Peter Balazs, Peter L. Søndergaard
A Non-iterative Method for Reconstruction of Phase from STFT Magnitude
and other work by Průša and his colleagues: